Frequently Asked Questions

What is Two Robbers?

Two Robbers is a beverage company based in Philadelphia. We specialize in making high quality hard seltzers. We also occasionally dabble in other beverages like hard coffee, hard tea, and hard kombucha.

Where Can I Buy Two Robbers Hard Seltzer?

Two Robbers is now available in the following states:


You can also purchase our beverages online in PA and DC.

Visit our find us page to find a stockist near you, or shoot us a note if you want us to launch in your state!

What Makes Two Robbers Different From The Other Hard Seltzers?

Our brand is defined by the quality of our beverages. We've spent over a year perfecting our brewing process to make the best hard seltzer out there. The "magic" in Two Robbers comes down to three main factors:


Filtration: Every can of Two Robbers is charcoal filtered, for a perfectly clean and crisp taste.


Flavor: Our unique flavors were developed over several years and hundreds of iterations, inspired by cocktails and craft beer. All of our beverages are made with all natural ingredients.


Carbonation: Not all bubbles are created equal. We've spent a lot more time than we'd like to admit studying the science of carbonation, to ensure that all of our drinks pack the perfect bite.

What Are The Nutritional Facts For Two Robbers?

Our beverages range from 100-130 calories per 12 oz serving, and 0-3g of sugar per 12oz serving. Please visit our product pages for ingredients and specific nutritional facts on each product.

Is Two Robbers Gluten-Free?

Yes, all of our beverages are 100% gluten free.

Does Two Robbers Contain Allergens?

Two Robbers does not contain any major food allergens. However, it is packaged in facilities that may use allergens in other products including

What is the Shelf Life of Two Robbers Hard Seltzer?

Our beverages can be enjoyed for up to a year after they've been produced. The date code on the bottom of the cans can help you identify the "best by" date.

How Can I Sell Two Robbers?

If you're a retailer or distributor interested in selling Two Robbers, hit us up at

How Can I Work for Two Robbers?

Check out our careers page at the bottom of our website, and shoot us a note if you're interested!

What is the Return Policy?

The merchandise items on our webshop can be returned or exchanged within 15 days of receipt, unless listed as final sale. Beverage items can not be returned.

If you believe your item has arrived defective or damaged, please contact us at with a description and we will assist you with an exchange or return.